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[LOW-ehl] is a town in Penobscot County, incorporated on February 9, 1837 under the exotic name of Huntressville from the former township of T1 R1 NBPP. The current name was established the following year.

First settled in 1819, the area was known as Pages Mills, then Deanfield in honor of two esteemed residents: school teacher Mary C. Dean and Rev. Pindar Field. The final name, according to some, was given for Lowell Hayden, the son of Alpheus Hayden, one of the original settlers.

In 1841 Lowell annexed Pages Mills Plantation and then some land from Passadumkeag in 1842. It conceded some land to Burlington in 1847 to end its boundary changes. In 1856 a tannery was built on Tannery Road in East Lowell.  The Grange was organized in 1877.

Lowell has been a high growth town, adding to its population at an average rate of 24% in each census since 1970, even though it is not close to an urban center. There is little development in the western, marshy portion. Lowell village, on the Passadumkeag River, is in the southeast, with East Lowell just a few miles north.

Town Info

County: Penobscot
School District: School Choice
Senate District: 8
House District: 141
Congressional District: 2
Population: 358
Area: 56.8 sq miles
Population Density: 7 per sq mile
Longitude: W 68:22:20
Latitude: N 45:16:08

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Yearly Rain Average: 43 inches
Yearly Snow Average: 84 inches
Average Sunny Days: 178
Average Summer High: 80 deg F
Average Winter Low: 6 deg F

Lowell, Maine, on average, get some type of precipitation 133 days per year. This precipitation is in the form of rain, sleet, snow or hail that reaches the ground, and measures at least .01 inches.

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