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Lowell Code Enforcement

Zoning Ordinances


If you own property, land, home or a camp on waterfront property, you are required by State of Maine law to meet certain criteria prior to building new or upgrading existing dwellings. 

In addition, to prevent water contamination and soil erosion, there are requirements that must be met when removing trees, brush or plantlife. 

Finally, Lowell is home to a number of ponds and streams, many of which are protected areas. Please refer to the Lowell Shoreland Zoning Ordinance prior to ANY activity where water is concerned.

New and Existing Construction

If you own or are planning to by property in Lowell, there are various requirements regarding lot size, property lines and right-of-ways you need to be aware of.
Please refer to the Building and Zoning Ordinance for the appropriate guidance.

For either ordinance, if you have any questions at all, please contact our Code Enforcement Officer, Dwight Tilton: 794-4434 

Building, Zoning & Septic Documents

Ordinances and Permit Apps